Read what our successful graduates and students say about the (69795) Graduate Diploma of Counselling Supervision.

JACQUIE WISE - Melbourne (Vic)

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I enrolled into the (69795) Graduate Diploma of Counselling Supervision to add to the range of services I provide and to promote the highest possible standards of counselling offered to clients.

I was surprised to how much I enjoyed it. Veronika Basa is extremely responsive to student’s needs and supportive beyond to what one might expect. The course includes valuable content to suit a broad variety of circumstances we might encounter as counsellors and supervisors. The course was challenging and interesting throughout.

I absolutely recommend it and if anyone wants more details they can contact me on jacquiewise@wiseways.com.au


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I enrolled into this course to be professionally qualified and to obtain a high prospective of the counselling supervision profession.

The (69795) Graduate Diploma of Counselling Supervision course is extremely detailed and comprehensive. It offers excellent training and enhancement of the participant’s knowledge and skills at both macro and micro levels. I have found the course content useful and helped me develop and sharpen my counselling supervision skills. I also appreciated the effort showed by the course instructor and trainer Veronika Basa.

Studying this course was good. BECS provided excellent training and provided me with one of the most experiential component of counselling supervision practice.

I definitely recommend this course; it will surely change your view of what counselling supervision is.

CHERYL TAYLOR - Melbourne (Vic)

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I enrolled to ensure current knowledge in the area of supervision, strengthen my practice, and ensure ongoing registration as a supervisor.

I found the course thorough and rigorous, providing comprehensive reading material on the latest research and literature in counselling supervision. This information was informative and relevant to my work as a supervisor, and it was great to have all this information drawn together in one resource. The activities were many and varied and with each one I learned something new that was relevant and valuable. Overall, I believe my supervision practice is strengthened as a result of this course. The expansion of my knowledge and the strengthening of my skills will be of benefit not only to myself but also to my supervisees.

I was most grateful for the opportunity to complete the course via Distance Education, enabling me to study around my work and family commitments. Veronika was efficient in marking assessments, provided helpful feedback and responded quickly and thoroughly to any queries. I do recommend this course.


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I enrolled into the (69795) Graduate Diploma of Counselling Supervision for professional development and career advancement.

A wonderful user friendly and insightful course. I felt like an erudite upon graduation and there was no lack of coaching and motivation.

A wonderful user friendly and insightful course. I felt like an erudite upon graduation and there was no lack of coaching and motivation

JOANNE ABLETT - Melbourne (Vic)

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As a registered and practicing supervisor I was seeking further education and qualifications in this field. Very little is offered by training bodies at this moment at present.

The course was challenging and informative. The course information provided is current and thorough and provides a sound basis for counselling supervision. I do recommend this course.

STEWART BELL - Melbourne (Vic)

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I enrolled into the(69795) Graduate Diploma of Counselling Supervision with BECS as this course offers the most recognised qualification available for counselling Supervisors in Australia.

I found this course very exhilarating and thoroughly enjoyed it throughout its duration. From the outset, I soon realized that the course was going to deeply increase and broaden my knowledge and skills in the specialized field of counselling supervision and I was not disappointed. This course has been instrumental in giving me access to a vast wealth of theoretical and practical knowledge that I can now apply to my counselling supervision practice.

Veronika Basa is an excellent Educator, Tutor, Trainer and Assessor; this made my learning, while enrolled in this course with BECS, a very positive and enriching experience.

I highly reccomend the(69795) Graduate Diploma of Counselling Supervision qualification.


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I completed my (69795) Graduate Diploma of Counselling Supervision in October 2012.

The report that I received from the staff at BECS was professional at all times, supportive and always encouraging. Distance Education courses can be challenging but whenever I needed help, be it email or a phone call, there was always a quick response to guide me to the next step.Sharing the practicum with like minded people, sharing knowledge and experiences not only enriched my time but also my horizons. I would especially like to thank my tutor, Veronika. She was a teacher , mentor and guide to me the whole way through the course which I really appreciated.

This course has enabled me to expend my practice to include counselling supervision for clients in a professional and confident manner. I definitely recommend this course.

CAS WILLOW - Melbourne (Vic)

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I decided to do this course after completing several training hours in supervision which I believed to be inadequate in working as a supervisor at a deeper level. This course offered so much more depth and challenges as well as an accredited and recognised qualification.

Upon completion of this intensive and methodical course I believe I am completely equipped with all of the required tools to conduct group and individual supervision at both novice and advanced levels. Given that the course is so thorough, once completed you have all the templates and latest information and knowledge to begin effective supervision immediately.

All requests for assistance, guidelines and clarification were handled professionally and promptly. I enjoyed the course, the networking and the long term friendships I have been able to establish throughout the study period. I highly recommend it.

KEREN LUDSKI - Melbourne (Vic)

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I enrolled in this course as I was looking for more than just two or three days workshop. I wanted to get as much information, both theoretical and practical, in the area of counselling supervision.

I enjoyed every aspect of the course. There was constant support from both Veronika and my fellow students. I felt that the course provided me with both the skills and confidence to be an extremely effective counselling supervisor. As a result of this course, I am able to conduct individual, live, and group supervision sessions in a structured and methodical way.

I highly recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in the field of supervision.

TABITHA VENESS - Melbourne (Vic)

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I enrolled in this course as I wanted to improve my skills as a trainer.

The course was very well thought out, however extremely challenging at times. Veronika’s experience was apparent in the way that she was able to guide me through the course well. I highly recommend this course.